Saturday, January 16, 2010

Philly to Texas January 2010

So we packed it up and headed to Texas for a couple weeks.  Here we have Mulhern, AKA The Listener preparing out vessel for the long journey ahead.
We stopped in Nashville on the way down.  This is the their courthouse, an amazing spot, but it was 20 degrees out.
One of many motels that we crammed 7-9 people in each night.

Shaun ordered the entire menu here every morning.
Wonder what these creeps are watching.....
After about 2 days on the road we made it to Dallas.

Our bros Josh, Jordan and Auby took us to this spot called the Burger Box.
And the crew went to work.

Found a dog at the gas station and Jeb got it some food and water, named it Charlie, then sent it packing.

Chris had a great time with these bulls.  He sure was in his element.
Next stop, Austin.  The home of the Whole Foods Bandits.

We met up with Zach and Sohan in Austin and Zach was kind enough to put us up in his Apt. for a couple nights.  Thanks buddy!

Helluva DIY spot
Sohan, Blane, and Zach
Next we went to Houston, were the weather got a little warmer, and good times were had.

Little James and some DC bros were there too.
As well as Berman and Alexis
Hern was in the hole bad in Houston.
Shaun "The Situation" Williams
Zander took 3 hours to set up at every spot as usual...
A big one.

Zander came out of retirement for one more crooks.
And the whole crew was bummed.
Slippy was on the loose downtown.

We said goodbye to the boss of Houston, AKA Sohan,  and left town
We found a used crack pipe in the Motel 6 we stayed at on the way back.  What better way to end the trip.