Thursday, March 18, 2010

Barcelona, March 2010

After the premier,  I left London with this crew to go to Barcelona for a week.
Once again, Hern was drunk.
Icy flat.

We stayed right across the street from La Sagrada Familia.
There are still tons of spots in this town.
Even brand new ones!

A complimentary round of shots.
Jeb was hyped about it.
Holy Shit!  We ran into these dudes all the way out in Spain.
The morning after this Chris said, "Why does my shoulder hurt so bad?".

Andrew McGraw linked up with us for a few days of shredding.
This place again.....
Lucien Clarke's ATM tour 2010!!!!

Take it down Herny!

Cafe con Leche
Tanner and Lucien found their spot.

The Ill Will has a sweet tooth.

Their album is dropping next month


Will wants his......

So we were tourists for a sec.  Then  I went back to London, met up with Steph and the frogs, and headed back to the states.

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