Saturday, March 13, 2010

This Time Tomorrow London Premier, Feb. 2010

Went to London with Mulhern and Jeb for the second premier of This Time Tomorrow
Rory with the premier ticket.  Thanks for letting us crash with you're family again bro!
We made attempts to skate everyday but the weather was pretty piss poor.
Rory, Steph, and Joey.  In a matter of hours Steph will be black out drunk and taking a bath....
Chris took an immediate interest to the many signs of London.
An evening visit with Lucien and Steph at their apt.
A happy homemaker
Met up with Scuba and Co. for some rainy day skateboarding.
We stopped by the British Museum before the premier to escape the rain.
Shaun Williams?
And then off to the premier at the Prince Charles Cinema.....
A couple of filmers, and a couple of flannels.
People showed up, I swear!
Ol' Shaun on the silver screen all the way out in Foggy London Town

The Aftermath
"Congratulations Daddy!"
 The Premier let out, and we took to the streets for a few hours.
The Guys!
A quick stroll through London's chinatown, then off to east London for some antics.
Tanner,, and his lady.
Mulhern dragged us all out so he could have some drinks and calm his nerves........
And man did he get loose!
Mulhern: "I love you Will"
Will: "I love you too"
Mulhern: "No man, you dont get it, I reallllly love you"
Sam was in attendence, boying everyone off.
Steph and the frogs that never sleep, Clement, and Mario.
Lina and Lucien
Old Jeb, sweatin it out the next day on the bench.
Terps was intrigued by the plastic looking tree
London has some crust.....

Rory took us to Nugget's house for some G and T's and a fantastic meal courtesy of Nugget's Dad.  Thanks!
Rory and Nugget
A reminder to be courteous when riding the Tube.
Chris finally found a home.

And we're out.  Until next time London.........

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